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I have entered Rally Colorado 2017 and ready for the challenge

Rally Colorado would like to welcome you to our 2017 website. Here you will find the latest information about our activities and championships.

This is the site for Rally Colorado, to be held JULY 20th TO 22nd 2017 in the town of Rangely situated in beautiful Rio Blanco County Colorado. The Umbrella title consisting of two distinct rally's:

Day 1 is  the "Prospectors Run" Rally

Day 2 is the "Blazin Saddles" Rally.

Both are part of the 2017 Rally America National Series, (Round 4) both allow competitors to accumulate points toward overall victory in the Rally America National Series 2017.

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"Prospectors Run" Rally

Three exciting stages run twice each among the higher ridges of Douglas Creek Arch and in the shadows of Cathedral Bluffs at elevations between 5200 and 7600 ft.  Switchbacks?  Check.  Ascents and descents?  Check and check.  Great vistas from the ridges? Check.  More turns per mile than you ever imagined?  Check again.  A grueling 64 miles of racing in a 160 mile route, with the fastest cars averaging just below 50 mph.

"Blazin Saddles"

Three stages run twice each at lower elevations and never more than 9 miles from town, featuring ridge and valley runs between 5200 ft  and 6500 ft.  The first stage starts up on Calamity Ridge in an area known for wild horse herds. It runs downhill from there, into alternating valley and ridge runs and finishing with a fast run down Gillam Draw.  The second stage heads east from Douglas “Creek”, up to and along the nearest ridge before descending for another dry creek crossing at the finish.  The fastest cars will need at least a full hour to cover the 47 miles of competition stages.


Rally Colorado

The original Rally Colorado was based in the beautiful year-round resort community of Steamboat Springs, a drive north and west into the mountains from Denver. Just like when this event took place, the landscape will once again include fast sections of road on hard packed gravel, a common sight in the mountainous terrain of western Colorado. Add the higher altitude and you have both crew and machine struggling for air in the ultimate test of endurance.

After an 8 year break, we are excited to welcome a stage rally back to the state of Colorado.